About me

At the moment I am an enthusiastic 23 year old Human Media Interaction student enjoying life in Enschede, the Netherlands. However, my youth has been Ray Ban sale far from standard.

My story begins in Sittard, a town in Limburg, where I was born on the 26th of June. My parents were only living Ray Ban Sunglasses in the Netherlands temporarily for my birth, so within a few months we moved to Uganda where my parents worked. After about a year in Uganda we moved back to the Netherlands for a few months so my brother could join the family, but as with me, a few months after his birth we moved to another country, this time Zimbabwe.

We ended up staying in Zimbabwe another 10 years, cheap football jerseys of which we spent the first five years in Mutare, a small town close to the border with Mozambique, and yoghurt the other five in the capital Harare. My parents insisted on sending my brother and I to a standard public school and with additional Dutch schooling one afternoon every week. During my time in Zimbabwe I learnt and experienced a lot of different things compared to schoolchildren here in the Netherlands.

When I turned 11 my parents decided nba jerseys sales to move back to the Netherlands so that my brother and I could do secondary school in the Netherlands, and partially also because Zimbabwe was becoming increasingly unstable. After cheap football jerseys finishing the final year of primary school in Delft, I decided to follow bi-lingual secondary school education. And after six years I left the Grotius College with my VWO diploma and an International Baccalaureate Certificate for English ready to start university in Enschede.

In February I finished my bachelor in Creative Technology with my final assignment being a user centred redesign of an interface. At the moment I am doing crazy projects for my masters program, Human Media Interaction.