Boards and Committees

During the period in which I studied Creative Technology I joined several committees and boards,  these are listed below in reversed order.

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September 2013 – July 2014 Board Member of Apollo

Board of Apollo, the association that defends the interests of all cultural associations at the University of Twente. Next to contact with the Student Union and the Executive Board of the University concerning policy matters, Apollo also organizes events that bring the cultural associations closer together.




January 2012 – January 2013  Board Member of Theatre Association NEST (Secretary)

During the production Alice in Wonderland, which was initiated by Vrijhof Cultuurcentrum, I realized that a theatre association was missing at the University of Twente. After some research, two friends and I found out that a theatre association had existed in the past, however, it was not active any more. We chose to restart the association and in one year we went from no association, to a very active association with more than 30 members!